Behaviour Matrix

Behaviour Matrix

We are committed to fostering a welcoming and caring school culture. We are committed to establishing a culture of:


Students are understanding, sensitive, and concerned for the well being of self, others, and property.


Students are diligent, accountable for their work, show initiative and contribute to the classroom learning environment.

Role Modeling

Students are honest, fair, helpful, trustworthy, and demonstrate appropriate behaviour.

Ready to Learn

Students are punctual, prepared for class with all materials, work with others to achieve common goals, and take their learning seriously.

Students are committed to:

  • Arrive at school and attend class on time; 
  • Attend class regularly and be prepared with the proper materials; 
  • Abide by rules established to help maintain a positive learning environment; 
  • Use courteous and respectful language and behaviour in the hallways; 
  • Master classroom studies to the best of their ability, showing initiative in their learning.

Parents are encouraged to:

  • Ensure students attend on a regular basis and notify the school should a child
    be absent;
  • Encourage self discipline and responsible behaviour at all school functions both
    on and off campus;
  • Cooperate with the school when intervention becomes necessary;
  • Inform the school of any external factors that may affect student success;
  • Read all newsletters, be aware of school events and check student planners
  • Contact the teacher and the school if there is a concern;
  • Become actively involved in Parent Advisory.

Staff are committed to:

  • Create and maintain welcoming and caring school environments which fosters a healthy sense of belonging;
  • Establish learning environments wherein students feel psychologically, socially, emotionally and culturally secure;
  • Seek to establish a positive professional relationship with student’s that is characterized by mutual respect, trust, harmony and allowing for individual differences;
  • Consistently encourage and compliment appropriate behaviour thus increasing student self-esteem and reinforcing self control;
  • Encourage on-going communication between staff and parents and provide the opportunity for active and constructive parental involvement in the education of their children;
  • Ensuring smooth transitions within and between schools through open and ongoing communication between parents, staff and receiving schools.

Importance of Consistency 

Staff will continue to ensure that positive behaviour is given recognition.  The staff is committed to increasing communication not only between teachers and students but also between school and home.  This may come in the form of encouraging phone calls, positive notes home and positive parent-teacher conferences. Students will also know when they have chosen behaviour that is unacceptable. They will be made aware of an appropriate way to behave in the situation.  Our goal is to help students see that they are responsible for their own behaviour and that they are in control of themselves.  The choice is always with the student. A key element of creating a Culture of Success is the concept of forgiveness. Students who have made a genuine effort to correct their unacceptable behaviours will not be held to task for their past wrongs.